Robots, Artificial Intelligence and other projects

Rubik's Cube solver

My latest cube solving robot, built with LEGO and a cheap webcam. Programmed in Java. When motivated, it will solve your cubes in about 12 seconds. Much faster than most people can peel off stickers.

Bartop Arcade

Arcades are cool so I decided to build one. Housing a Raspberry Pi to run RetroPi and an Arduino to connect the buttons. Fight!

Connected LEGO houses

Move over WhatsApp. WiFi connected LEGO houses are here! Simply press the button for instant messaging.

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AI beating NES Tetris

Artificial Intelligence playing - butchering - the original 8bit NES Tetris. After hitting 999.999 I got bored and turned it off. Written in LUA running on the BizHawk emulator </nerd>

AI Tetris clone

NES Tetris is fun for a while. Time to get serious. This Java clone completes about 1000 lines per second on my old computer.

Download here

Flux Capacitor

This is what makes time travel possible. Ongoing research, but feeling optimistic. As the Doc always says: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything".

AI playing 2048

Smashing the down and right arrow, playing 2048 can be relaxing. Then your lazy nature kicks in and you write an AI to do it for you.

Sudoku robot

Designed for lazy people who still want to boast with their Sudoku solving skills.

RPG Game engine

8bit Link lost in a 16bit world. Java game engine proof of concept, including a map builder to create your own worlds and dungeons. I hope the poor guy finds his way back to Hyrule.

Connect four

Get creative when a lack of available friends to play against presents itself. Be prepared to lose though. It does not care about your feelings.

PID Line follower

Dumb robot, only capable of following a line. But pretty good at doing so. My first - working - robot!