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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Browse and search the NASA APOD history · February 2021

Because images are better than a blob of text, hit this example url or use the buttons and input on top. Enjoy!

I like astronomy and simply looking at stunning images of galaxies in our cosmos trying to comprehend its vastness. In 1995, NASA created the Astronomy Picture of the Day website, APOD in short, featuring an image or video each day with a short explanation of what you see. To date this means well over 12.000 beautiful images spanning 25 years of gazing into the universe.
So on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I wrote a script to scrape all of it and create a database so you can easily search for images of a specific topic and watch them all in a nice gallery.

As shown in the examples, instead of using the form, you can also browse directly to a gallery using url parameters keyword, limit (default = 12) and order (new, old, random; default = new). Keyword is mandatory, limit and order are optional.

Some more great examples: